“I shall live badly if I do not write, and I shall write badly if I do not live.”

Françoise Sagan

If there’s a story inside you, it has to come out. Over the years, I have discovered that writing can complement so many aspects of life. Furthermore, my ideology is that the tools of storytelling belong to both fiction and nonfiction. Everything that can be observed has a story that can be spelled out in a compelling narrative, and I hope to cultivate better writing with each day. I hope to mix the humanities aspect of my interests with the numerical to discover new and exciting ways of interpreting the world. I will start dialogues about fascinating ideas that bring people together, finding stories everywhere I go, discovering novel ideas at the bleeding edge, confronting censorship, and listening to new perspectives.

April 10, 2022

Baba Yaga

In this modern, grimly twisted take on a fairytale from Slavic folklore, the world of Baba Yaga brims with the supernatural as a team of local investigators attempts to make sense of physical impossibilities, extravagant hallucinations, and the historical enigma of the Voynich manuscript. But once the mystery begins to reveal itself, the townspeople realize that they’ve disturbed a force deep in the forest that is so insidious and so frightening that its threat lingers beyond the final page.

February 23, 2021

An Invincible Summer

By the end of this literary novel, An Invincible Summer illustrates the complications of a rapidly growing industrialized capitalist country in the 21st century as the narrator struggles to reconcile the potential hard hours of a dead-end job versus trying to maintain romance. Amid struggles with excessive drinking and familial alienation, this character’s widespread relatability reveals the conditions of the modern individual, as well as the depths, and how one balances the light and the dark—now and for the future.


“Beauty will save the world.”

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

A police investigator and an axe murder both find key lime pie to be delicious. A Yankees fan and a Red Sox fan both enjoy the rays of summertime sun and the smell of fresh spring grass. There’s something transcendent about the aesthetic properties of the objects and concepts around us, so I make an effort to find that each day.

Sunny panorama of Hollywood landscape from the perspective of the Griffith Observatory.
View of a chessboard, angled from above. The blurry outline of a window can be seen in the background.
Selective color image of a speedcube.
The front fascia of a black Bentley Mulsanne inside a showroom. The entire image is monochromatic and angled from a crouching position near the right headlight.
Three-quarter rear view of a mid-20th-century MG MGA automobile at the Perillo dealership in Chicago.
Panels of imagery cut out from a magazine are tiled together in a mosaic of images, including a woman's face and a billboard.
A blossoming Magnolia liliiflora portrudes from a tree branch in the foreground. The background of the image contains various other plants and an asphalt path.
A circular, dome-shaped ceiling with statues lining the circumference. A stained glass window is at the very top.
Fish swimming through partially lit water as seen from underneath an aquarium.
Panorama of the Chicago skyline, from the perspective of the Adler Planetarium, overlooking Lake Michigan
A close-up fork casts a shadow to the left.
A small switchblade is set on a red background, casting a modest shadow. The wooden handle has the name Matthew engraved into it.
A small camera lies atop a green table.
A hooded figure stands manacingly in the dark, with a florescent smiley face in place of a normal face.
Wee planet formed from Photoshopped panoramas in Chicago.
Wee planet formed from Photoshopped panoramas in Chicago.